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Horticulture seeds

Tomato Seed
In stock 
DeterminateVery High yielding and Early High adaptabilitySquairsh round with NO Green ShoulderDark Red and Highly sourRecommended for season and regions
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Okra Seed
In stock 
Tender fruits are short to medium in length.Fruiting starts 45-50 DAS.Fruits are attractive dark green with 5 ridges.Fruits are thick walled and good transporation.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Ridge Gourd Seed
In stock 
Tender fruits are long, tapering, bright green.Fruits are 40-45 cm long with very soft flesh.First picking starts 45 to 50 DAS.Good keeping quality.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Bitter Gourd Seed
In stock 
Medium Long, Glossy Green, medium thick fruits.First picking starts 55-60 DAS.Suitable for spring/summer season also.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Chilie Seed
In stock 
Lustrous Green . Medium Bold unripe fruitsShiny deep red mature fruitsHigh pungencyideal for both green and hot chillies (dual type)Wide adaptabilityFruits set under high temperature also
Group: Seeds of pepper
Brinjal Seed
In stock 
Tall compact plants with purple green stemMedium-logo, purple and Glossy fruits in clustersTender green purple calyx
Group: Aubergine seeds
Water Melon Seed
In stock 
Specifications: * Maturity : 45 days after sowing * Fruit shape : Oblong * Rind colour : Light green * Flesh colour : Bright red * Fruit Weight : 10-12 kg * Special Features : * Seeds are big strong resistance against diseases.
Group: Seeds of watermelon


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