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Tomato Seed
In stock 
DeterminateVery High yielding and Early High adaptabilitySquairsh round with NO Green ShoulderDark Red and Highly sourRecommended for season and regions
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Spinach Seed
In stock 
We hold expertise in buying an optimum quality range of Spinach Seed that is hygienically processed and packed in optimum quality packaging material so that it retains all its essential nutrient, flavor and freshness; also which is offered at cost effective prices and is packed as per the specific...
Group: Seeds of spinach
Cauliflower Seed
In stock 
Plants are erect with short, waxy, green leaves (rounded tips) and self blanched.Curds are bright white and Compact.Ready for harvest by mid October.
Group: Seeds of cauliflower
Brinjal Seed
In stock 
Tall compact plants with purple green stemMedium-logo, purple and Glossy fruits in clustersTender green purple calyx
Group: Aubergine seeds
Chilie Seed
In stock 
Lustrous Green . Medium Bold unripe fruitsShiny deep red mature fruitsHigh pungencyideal for both green and hot chillies (dual type)Wide adaptabilityFruits set under high temperature also
Group: Seeds of pepper
Bitter Gourd Seed
In stock 
Medium Long, Glossy Green, medium thick fruits.First picking starts 55-60 DAS.Suitable for spring/summer season also.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Ridge Gourd Seed
In stock 
Tender fruits are long, tapering, bright green.Fruits are 40-45 cm long with very soft flesh.First picking starts 45 to 50 DAS.Good keeping quality.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Okra Seed
In stock 
Tender fruits are short to medium in length.Fruiting starts 45-50 DAS.Fruits are attractive dark green with 5 ridges.Fruits are thick walled and good transporation.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Sunflower Seed
In stock 
Plants are of medium height and non-lodgingHybrid is of short duration (85 to 90 days)Flat heads with good seed setting & central fillingGrains are dull black, medium bold and high oil content
Group: Oil-bearing crop seeds
Maize Seed
In stock 
Medium tall and sturdy plant with broad and erect leavesWell built plant type with strong root system and so, can withstand strong windsSuitable for high density population 60 X 20 cm spacingAnthocyanin pigmentation at the base of the glumesSilk is light greenish in colourSuitable for all seasons...
Group: Cereal grain seeds
Paddy Seed
In stock 
Grains are medium slender and non-aromatic without awnsMedium duration hybrid maturing in 125 to 130 daysLeaves are dark green and erectPlants show high tillering ability with compact plant structureHigh yielding suitable for all rice growing seasons and locations
Group: Seeds of forage grasses
Water Melon Seed
In stock 
Specifications: * Maturity : 45 days after sowing * Fruit shape : Oblong * Rind colour : Light green * Flesh colour : Bright red * Fruit Weight : 10-12 kg * Special Features : * Seeds are big strong resistance against diseases.
Group: Seeds of watermelon


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